Sophie galet - chanteuse - stella polaris - cyclus



  1. January
  2. Beautiful Landscape
  3. Ten Miles
  4. My Vision's Gone
  5. Supermarket
  6. The Ocean and the Sea
  7. Fallen Angel
  8. The Black Ribbon
  9. The Sound of Our Lives
  10. My Darkest Place
  11. Things to Thank
  12. I'm Lost
  13. The End

In my darkest place
Nothing really ends
In my darkest land
Nothing really changes

I search the outside door
But I just find my inner room

And in my darkest place
Where regrets never end
In my darkest land
I'll never touch you again

I was searching my inner truth
when I fell into a blues
Colours dissapeared
And started to reveal

The moments we spent
The place where we lived
The ghost of our love
Our bedtime stories
The moments we shared
This beautiful tree
The smile of a child
And the pain that struck me

Now I'm dying
I'm dying
I'm dying
For you ...